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Black Forst Ham and Swiss on a Pretzel Bun

Rounds offering individually packaged products and support for seniors, children and less fortunate.

In response to the COVID-19 concern Rounds Bakery has taken extreme circumstances to ensure that its guests will receive the superior products they have come to know and love while at the same time providing a healthy and safe environment for all customers as well as staff.

“We understand that these are uncertain times affecting families, children, seniors, and even small businesses. We have always been a community first company and will do all we can to ensure children and seniors receive a healthy meal,” Said Anton Novak, owner. “Our main concerns are the children and youth who rely on school lunches, and with possible school closures looming, we need to make sure everyone is taken care of.”

Rounds Bakery menu selections will be prepared fresh daily and packaged placed in our grab n go coolers so that you can enjoy your favorite menu items without the wait and without the added employee handling of a made to order selection. We can easily guarantee the freshness of our products since our end of day products are never wasted but delivered to the NNFB and Eddy House and other local charities on a daily basis.

In addition to providing individually packaged items and items in bulk, Rounds Bakery and staff have taken the following steps to ensure freshness and quality in all its products:

Rounds Bakery COVID 19 Response
Fresh Packed Items only

  • The restaurant will only serve fresh-packed sandwiches, salads, snacks, and pastries. A list of these items and pricing will be published on the website.
  • The restaurant will offer take-out, pick-up only.
  • Only if necessary, customers may dine-in, but the dining room will have fewer tables and chairs farther apart to comply with social separation guidelines.
  • We will still offer espresso service locally brewed blind dog coffee, bottled drinks, and fountain sodas. All service ware will be of the disposable one use type.
  • Donut production will be limited and available as pre-packed dozens, and donut hole snack cups.
  • Bagels will be sliced and toasted when ordered and then bagged with a 2oz individual cream cheese in a variety of flavors, and a disposable spreading knife.
  • All employees will discontinue the use of personal reusable cups. All eating and drinking will be consumed via disposable cups and service ware.
  • A Parlevel self-service checkout kiosk will be set up with no need to touch the screen. Guests can scan their items and swipe a card or use apple pay. Cash will be accepted with any change going onto an individual account (1 min setup required)

For more information and to view a menu visit, call (775) 329-0800.

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